Time management, planning and delegation - 1 day course 

The purpose of this enjoyable and interactive workshop is to give delegates an awareness of the importance of managing their time effectively together with the tools and techniques to do this.

The day will be a mixture of theory, exercises and discussion and will equip delegates with the skills to manage their time more proactively in order to achieve more.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Example agenda

  • Considering time management - chance to think about the importance and impact of good time management
  • Time management questionnaire – a session which examines the two main approaches to time management
  • The benefits of good time management –what will be the immediate and long term effects of good time management
  • How do you manage time now? - an opportunity to see how you’re managing time at the moment
  • Take a step back – your chance to learn how important it is to regularly and deliberately look at the ‘big picture’ and plan the future
  • Do I demand a perfect job every time? – a quick useful questionnaire which allows you to see if you are a perfectionist and examine the impact of that on results
  • What is the purpose of your job? – a discussion which considers your abilities to be both reactive and proactive at work
  • Top tips for time management – a really useful checklist list which you can adapt to suit the way you work
  • Setting goals and objectives – how to set goals and plan for the future in a structured way 
  • Prioritising tasks – how to consider both urgency and importance when planning tasks