Telephone techniques - 1 day course 

The purpose of this enjoyable, interactive workshop is to enable you to project yourself very well over the telephone in a friendly, professional, effective and confident manner. 

The day will be a mixture of theory, practical exercises and discussion.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

The course content will include the following:-

Example agenda

  • How to create a good impression on the telephone – a discussion about all the professional behaviours that people show on the phone and the impact that has on reputation   
  • How to create a bad impression on the telephone – an honest look at all the annoying behaviours that people show on the phone and the impact that has on reputation
  • The difference between telephone communication and face to face communication – a technical look at the component parts of communication and how this differs if you are on the phone
  • Guidelines for excellent telephone behaviour – a really useful session which breaks telephone behaviour down into the component parts of: answering the phone, general conversation, holding calls, transferring calls, ending the call and leaving voice mails
  • Sounding friendly – the importance of sounding friendly on the phone in terms of building relationships and creating rapport
  • Handling complaints – how to handle complaints when a client can’t see you 
  • Taking messages – a very useful checklist to make sure that your messages are accurate and detailed
  • Guidelines for effective communication – some additional skills, knowledge and behaviours to ensure you are great on the phone
  • Summary exercises – your chance to prove how professional you are on the telephone