Team building - 1 day course 

The objective of this enjoyable, interactive workshop is to unite team members and to give all delegates an understanding of how their team functions and what they can do to make a positive contribution.

This workshop can be delivered to a group of team members to build the strengths of an existing team or as management training to managers who are responsible for running a team.

Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Using a mixture of theory, discussion and practical exercises, this course will cover the following:

Example agenda

  • What is a team? – an open discussion of what a team is and what makes a good team
  • Characteristics of teams – an examination of the characteristics of different types of teams and the impact on productivity
  • Team roles – your chance to look at the different strengths and skills that team members bring to a team
  • Everyone plays a part – an opportunity to examine how teams with different personalities and skills often work better than those with similar ones
  • The development of teams – how to make sure you are a valued and effective member of a team
  • Task and social aspects – an examination of the essential balance betweenwhat we do and how we do it
  • Individual learning styles – your chance to understand how people learn in different ways so that you can plan for this and be understanding of different ways of working
  • Communication and planning in teams – chance to examine structures for effective planning
  • Team exercise – a team exercise which will allow you to develop effective team behaviours