Report writing skills - 1 day course 

Every report makes an impact – good, bad or average.  Written work tells the reader not just the content but also about the writer themselves.  We can judge, and sometimes misjudge, not only the writer but also the whole organisation by a single piece of written communication.

Often valuable information is lost because the report is poorly put together and badly presented.

This course is suitable for anyone who regularly writes reports (or who will do so in the future) and feels that the quality of their message could be improved.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!


The session will be a mixture of theory, practical exercises and discussion and the course content will include the following:

  • What makes a good report?
  • What makes a poor report?
  • Keeping it short and simple
  • Punctuation and grammar
  • The difference between face to face, telephone and written communication
  • Writing in a clear style
  • Checking readability
  • The purpose of reports
  • Analysing a report 
  • Setting the objective
  • Structuring the report
  • Analysing a good report
  • Hints and tips