Mentoring skills - 1  or 2 day course 

This enjoyable, interactive workshop is designed to enable delegates to improve their mentoring skills.  This will then enable them to develop their team members by enhancing their skills and knowledge and building their confidence.

Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

The days will be a mixture of discussion, theory and practical exercises.

Agenda - day one

  • What is mentoring? – a discussion which defines the art of mentoring
  • What are the skills involved in mentoring? – chance to design a checklist of the skills required to be good at this important management role
  • Holding meetings – an examination of a really useful structure which you can use to run your mentoring meetings in a structured yet informal way
  • Building relationships, trust and dealing with confidential issues – an opportunity to examine how your own behaviour and reputation will affect the success of the mentoring process
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations – chance to learn a really useful behavioural model for dealing with tricky situations, disagreement and conflict

Agenda - day two

  • Giving constructive feedback – a session which will give you the skills to help people improve, via positive feedback
  • 10 ways not to mentor – a humorous look at how to ruin your mentoring sessions
  • Phrases for offering advice – a selection of useful phrases which you can use or adapt to enable you to offer help and advice without offending
  • The power of asking questions – your opportunity to learn the incredible power of questioning in mentoring relationships
  • Writing effective emails – how to create momentum and accountability after the mentoring session by the use of follow up emails