Management workshops - 1 - 15 days

This cost effective, enjoyable, interactive program allows you to choose the most important modules for your managers. 
The delegates will undertake a wide range of structured and enjoyable workshops to achieve the following objectives:



Learn how to think and behave as a leaders and managers
Develop skills in communication at all levels
Develop a flexible, positive, structured management team for the continued profitable operation of your organisation

Your choice
The program can be delivered in a modular way with most days being stand-alone sessions whilst reinforcing previous messages from other modules.  Each session contains a mixture of theory, discussion and skills practice.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!  Feel free to choose from the following:
Day one: How to understand your role as a leader and manager.  An introductory day which will introduce managers to the key concepts and responsibilities of management including management personalities and delegation.
Day two: How to understand and manage change
Day three: How to be a good leader and motivate your team.  A discussion of the differences between management and leadership and the key motivations that a manager can tap into.  This module will also include communicating well with stakeholders and managing the customer experience.
Day four: How to manage meetings and present your ideas.  An examination of best practice when running effective meetings which create momentum
Day five: How to train your team - day one (includes practical session to be prepared and delivered on day two.  These practical training sessions delivered by the managers will focus on sessions to help their teams understand more about the company, its products and customers).  Content will include best practice in how people learn and therefore how to pass on skills, behaviours and knowledge to staff
Day six: How to train your team - day two and induction planning.  An opportunity for delegates to learn more about training, deliver their pre-planned training session to a group and receive peer feedback.  There will also be the opportunity to take a first look at designing a company induction course so that new and existing staff understand the company culture and and expectations and are able to perform effectively at an early stage.  We will also identify an internal ambassador for the induction project
Day seven: How to plan and run an induction course.  A chance to go into detail about the company induction course including core content, structure, delivery methods and roles and responsibilities
Day eight: How to hold constructive conversations.  An opportunity to learn how to deal with task and behavioural performance issues in a supportive and effective way
Day nine: How to have one to ones with your team and manage performance.  A day which focuses on giving managers the skills to be able to discuss past performance, set objectives and support staff with training and development in a structured yet informal way.  This reinforces the appraisal training
Day ten: How to recruit and select future staff . Discussion and practice in how to recruit the best person for the job
Day eleven: How to use a coaching style of management  An introduction of the GROW coaching model, a very useful tool for getting the most out of the team and encouraging ideas and innovation.  Discussions about how to use coaching when being a mentor
Day twelve: How to communicate well via email.  An examination of best practice for using English well to write quick, effective warm emails
Day thirteen:  How to write great reports  Chance to learn best practice in order to present your useful information in the most structured, easily readable way
Day fourteen: How to communicate assertively and manage conflict.  Your opportunity to look at the behavioural choices you have and their impact on others
Day fifteen: How to plan and manage your time, and delegate effectively.  A session allowing you to focus on being organised and developing your own team through delegation