Letter and report writing skills - 1 day course 

The purpose of this enjoyable, interactive workshop is to enable you to present your written communication in a more professional, effective and concise manner.

Every letter and report sent out either to customers or between colleagues is an advertisement for you and your company, so are you sure it’s a good one?

The day will be a mixture of theory, practical exercises and discussion.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

The course content will include the following:-

Example agenda


  • Keeping it short and simple - how to shorten your communication to make it easier to read
  • Punctuation - where to put those commas, colons and apostrophes
  • Basic layouts and guidelines for letters - how to use layout and structure to make your writing look appealing
  • Guidelines for writing more complicated letters -a session which gives you the skills to deal with complex information which may be hard to describe in writing
  • Checking the readability of written communications -how to check that your writing will be easy to read and digest by the reader
  • Improving the readability of written communications - some knacks for writing in an easy style
  • Common mistakes in letter writing - those areas to be careful about and avoid
  • Hints and tips for effective business letters -how you can make your letter shine
  • The purpose of report writing - an examination of why we write report 
  • A formal structure for writing reports - a really useful structure which you can tailor to suit your situation 
  • Other hints and tips for compiling reports - a discussion about some of the visual knacks you can use to make your report great
  • Report writing exercise – the chance to practise your new skills