Induction training - 1 day course 

This cost effective, enjoyable, interactive workshop is designed to help managers responsible for training, particularly Induction training, to be able to manage the process in a professional and effective way.  The training uses a mixture of theory, discussion and practical exercises and content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Example agenda

  • An introduction to Induction training
  • The four stage Systematic training cycle

1. Stage one - Identifying and clarifying the training need

2. Stage two - Planning the training and understanding learning styles:

•Learning styles
•Attention curves
•Retention levels
•A typical structure of a training session:
•Activities to aid learning

3. Stage three - Delivering training

4. Stage four - Evaluating the training

  • Additional considerations
  • What should be covered?
  • Structuring the Induction plan
  • Useful templates
  • Next steps