Customer care - 1 day course

This enjoyable, interactive workshop will increase all delegates understanding of the importance of every single interaction with a customer in order that they may represent their company with warmth in a professional way. 

Using a mixture of theory, practical exercises and discussion this training will give delegates the skills to be able to deal with customers confidently, professionally and with warmth.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Example agenda

  • What is customer care? – a chance for you to set a useful definition of customer care
  • Some facts about customer care – an entertaining quiz showing the enormous commercial value of great customer care
  • So what do customers expect? – a discussion about customers expectations
  • The difference between face to face and telephone communication – some time to look at the fundamental differences between these two most common methods of communication
  • Guidelines for excellent telephone behaviour - an opportunity to look in detail at the sections of a phone call including opening the call, general conversation, holding calls, transferring calls, ending the call and leaving voice mails
  • Building relationships with customers – a structured look at the skills and behaviours which generate goodwill and trust
  • Developing your questioning and listening skills – a session which will help you to listen actively and engage with people by asking questions
  • Handling complaints – An introduction to a really useful model for handling the emotional and organisational side of complaints
  • Taking messages – your opportunity to learn the structure which will make you an excellent, accurate, professional message taker