Having constructive conversations with your team - 1 day course 

Once promoted, team leaders and managers are responsible for the day to day tasks and behaviours of their team.  On occasions these tasks and behaviours are not up to the appropriate standards and then it becomes the responsibility of the team leader to deal with this.

These conversations can be challenging though, and like gaining any skill, training and practice is very helpful.  The purpose of this workshop is to enable delegates to gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours, to be able to tackle these challenging conversations in a professional, calm, structured way in order to be able to improve the ongoing situation.

The session will be a mixture of theory, discussion and practical exercises.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Example agenda

  • What is a constructive conversation?
  • Preparing for discussions and challenging assumptions
  • A useful structure for opening the conversation
  • Building rapport
  • The skills required
  • Listening skills
  • Delivering feedback
  • Agreeing the way forward
  • Typical structure of a constructive conversation
  • Having the constructive conversation