Communication skills - 1 day course 

Work is a demanding place to be, especially when we want to be really good at our job.  This enjoyable, interactive workshop will increase all delegates’ understanding of the importance of every single interaction with a work colleague.

Using a mixture of theory, practical exercises and discussion this training will give delegates the skills to be able to deal with colleagues confidently, professionally and with warmth.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Example agenda

  • What do you expect from your colleagues? – an examination of the expectations and pressures at work
  • So what do your colleagues expect? – what are reasonable expectations and how does this area affect your reputation?
  • The difference between face to face and telephone communication – a detailed examination of the fundamental differences between these two modes of communication and a discussion about how to deal with these differences for best effect
  • Guidelines for excellent telephone behavior – a chance to break down a phone call into the component parts of answering the phone, general conversation, holding calls, transferring calls, ending calls and leaving voice mails
  • Building relationships with your colleagues – an examination of the skills and attributes needed to become a valued and respected work colleague
  • Developing your questioning and listening skills – a session on the importance of positive, interactive listening in order to build relationships
  • Managing your time – your chance to become more structured and organized in your approach to managing your workload
  • Writing emails – how to avoid the outfalls of communicating via email
  • Taking messages – how to become one of the best at accurate, professional, detailed messages takin
  • Hints and tips – some fantastic hints and tips for becoming a valued colleague and member of the team