Coaching skills - 1 day course

The purpose of this workshop is to enable you to tap into your teams’ skills, knowledge and abilities by using a coaching style of management.

The day will be a mixture of theory, practical exercises and discussion.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

The course content will include the following:-

Example agenda

  • What’s the difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling, training? a useful discussion to set the scene
  • Defining coaching - a description of what we as a group define coaching to focus the session
  • The push/pull model for supporting staff - a very useful way of thinking about how you will communicate
  • Discussion about coaching - discussions about when coaching is and isn’t useful
  • What does it take to be a great coach? - checklist of the skills needed
  • Listening skills - practice sessions of the most important coaching skill
  • Practice session – asking questions about a challenging situation and listening
  • Giving feedback – theory and practice sessions
  • The GROW model for coaching  - a very useful structure for your sessions
  • Useful questions for the GROW model – a comprehensive list of useful questions to ask
  • Coaching sessions to encourage implementation – more chance to practice your new skills