Appraisal skills - 1 day course

The main aim of this enjoyable, interactive workshop is to enable you to undertake appraisals so that you and your team can both review past performance and plan for future success in order to perform even more effectively. 

By the end of the workshop delegates will understand the culture and management of appraisals and will have completed an appraisal using the example forms provided.

The workshop will be an enjoyable mixture of theory, practical exercises and discussion. Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!


By the end of the workshop delegates will: 

  • Know what an appraisal is and just as importantly – what it is not
  • Understand the purpose of appraisals
  • Know what’s involved in preparing for appraisals
  • Be able to take a planned and structured approach to their appraisals
  • Have a good checklist of do’s and don’ts
  • Have examined the structure of appraisals
  • Know how to handle difficult areas
  • Be aware of the importance of delivering praise and criticism
  • Be able to set SMART objectives
  • Appreciate the importance of training and development
  • Be able to close the appraisal in a motivational way
  • Have discussed options for writing up the forms
  • Have considered how they will follow up the objectives
  • Develop an action plan for their appraisals