Training the trainer - 1 or 2 day course 

This workshop will increase all delegates understanding of the skills, knowledge and behaviours involved in great training.

Using a mixture of theory, practical exercises and discussion this training will give delegates the skills to be able to deliver structured training confidently, professionally and with warmth.  Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Example agenda

  • What is training? - An opening discussion so that delegates realise all the opportunities they have to train

  • Why train? - A discussion about the emotional and organisational benefits of training

  • Systematic training cycle - A look at a really useful training model

  • Attention curves - How people pay (or don't pay) attention when learning

  • Retention levels - How much (or little) people remember when learning

  • Learning styles - How people learn in different ways and how we can take this into account when designing a great training session                                    

  • Training styles - How we can train differently when imparting skills or knowledge

  • 10 steps to planning your training session - An examination of a useful checklist

  • 15 ways not to present - A humorous look at how easy it is to damage your training session

  • Hints and tips - Some really useful hints and tips to help your prepare, structure and deliver

  • Activities - An examination of the different activities to engage learners and bring a session to life

  • Use of the flip chart - A look at the trainers most useful and flexible training tool

  • Use of other presentation tools - Chance to discuss how to use aids to learning

  • Giving feedback - A more in depth discussion of the benefits of giving constructive, developmental feedback

  • Controlling the group - A discussion of the behaviours that a trainer will face and how to manage these for the benefit of the group

  • Planning and delivering a training session - Opportunities throughout the course to plan, design and deliver