People management - 1 day course

This enjoyable, useful workshop will cover some of the concepts, tools and techniques of management to help you become more effective and confident when managing your team

Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Using a mixture of theory, discussion and practical exercises, the content will include the following:

Example agenda

  • What is management? – chance to discuss and define your role
  • Understanding your role as a manager – a useful discussion on some of the key differences between being a manager and being a member of the team
  • Card sort exercise – your chance to examine the different and varied aspects of your job
  • Styles of leadership and management – a useful model together with practical exercises to help you choose the right approach
  • Time Management – a session on the most useful concepts for managing your workload and that of your team
  • Planning – an examination of the key concepts of planning
  • Delegation – your opportunity to look at the benefits, necessity and skills involved in delegating work to others