Conflict management - 1 day course 

This enjoyable, interactive workshop is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of those managers who are responsible for maintaining standards in their team.

Often the best way to deal with problems like lateness, low work standards and other work related issues is by a structured informal conversation.  If this is successful then the manager and member of staff will not need to take the matter further as standards will have improved.

When situations have to be dealt with more formally then a structure formal disciplinary interview is often the next step.

Although this workshop introduces delegates to the formal procedures involved with discipline and grievances, it concentrates mainly on informal ways of dealing with improving work performance.  After all - it’s better to deal with situations professionally as they arise rather than letting them build up and become a more serious issue.

Content can be adjusted to suit your organisation, just ask!

Using a mixture of theory, discussion and practical exercises this course will cover the following:

Example agenda

  • What is a disciplinary procedure?  - the opportunity to understand what the procedure is.
  • What is a grievance procedure?  - the opportunity to understand the difference between disciplinary and grievance
  • What is informal action? – the chance to define what informal action is, the benefits of using it and how it differs from an official grievance or disciplinary procedure
  • Best practice for conducting informal action - an examination of a structured approach to dealing with conflict before it becomes a more difficult issue
  • A summary of the stages of informal action – an easy model which you can use to handle conflict in future
  • Scenarios and practice – your opportunity to practice and hone your new skills so that you can use them when the need arises at work