3 Real stories - how customer service training can help your organisation!

Story One

Having been asked to choose which one of my two existing stationary suppliers to give all our orders to, I called to chat to them about this. During both calls we chatted about my children going on holiday together briefly before discussing my needs at length.

In response to this, one of them sent a lovely email mentioning that she hoped my children would have a great holiday, together with a standard quote offering an additional 5% discount.

The other one emailed a standard quote with an additional 5% discount. Doh!

Who do you think I spent my £3,750 a year with over the next seven years - a total of £26,250?

Customer service training would have helped the other sales person to have the personal touch too and she might not have lost £26,250.

Story Two

A member of a sales team sent information to a customer, followed up with an email, then a phone call, then a visit, then another email before getting a £3,200 order.

This took a lot of time and effort but now he had another customer on his books who would hopefully go on to make repeat orders requiring much less time and effort and therefore being much more profitable.

Two weeks later when the invoice came through, the customer didn’t understand something and so he called the accounts department for clarification. He spoke to an efficient, rather abrupt woman who was more concerned with numbers than with people. After all, as she often said to her colleagues ‘I don’t work in sales’. Doh!

After feeling that the staff weren’t all that helpful he placed his next order with another company.

Guess who was costing the organisation £1,000s without anyone really understanding how or why?

Customer service training for the person in the accounts department would have stopped that hard won customer being lost.

Story Three

A friend of mine had a hall, stairs and landing carpet fitted costing £1,100. It looked fab. The carpet fitter was very good at fitting carpets and a quick worker but he didn’t apologise for being late on the first day, didn’t put all the loose odds and ends in a bag and was unnecessarily scruffy. Doh!

Guess who my friend didn’t call six months later when she needed a new bedroom carpet? Will that company ever know that they just lost £600 due to the behaviour of one of their most experienced and skilled carpet fitters?

Customer service training would have given that carpet fitter the awareness to be very courteous in someone else’s house and he would not have lost the business £600

Posted on September 11, 2018 and filed under Customer Care.