So who are your customers, and who works in customer service?

That question is not as daft as it seems.  Obviously the people who pay for our products and services are our paying customers but the following two categories are customers too:

1.    Anyone who passes the shop, hears us on the phone, sees the way we interact, supplies us with their own products and services, or meets us at an event is a potential customer.

2.    Anyone we work with by giving them information, advice, or any type of service from lunch in the staff canteen to a brief at a management meeting is an internal customer. This could be our colleague, our manager or our member of staff.

Customer service training is a really effective way of ensuring that everyone who works with your customers understands this wider definition.   If you develop a culture of treating everyone as a customer albeit it in slightly different ways, this will be very noticeable to anyone who comes into contact with you and your company.  That will translate into more business, more recommendations, less complaints and more profit.

Many people don’t have customer service training because their organisation doesn’t realise that they work in customer service, yet customer service training is a more effective way of creating more business than sales and marketing.  This is because it costs on average five times more to attract a new customer than it does to look after an existing customer really well.

So many organisations have a sales budget, a marketing budget, an advertising budget but no customer service training budget.  It’s daft!  It doesn’t make good business sense.

So who does work in customer service?

  •  The doctor who examines your throat
  • The bin man from the council who empties the bins
  • The new starter who answers the phone
  • The woman in the accounts department
  • The girl who drives the delivery van

I’m sure you would agree - everyone who has anything to do with representing your organisation in any way works in customer care and is responsible for generating profit.  

Posted on November 18, 2016 and filed under Customer Care.