Who works in customer care?

If you asked most organisations about the level of customer care in their organisation, they would say it was very good, but how do they know that, and do they even know what very good means?

In most cases, staff and managers are not trained in customer care, whether that is telephone work, writing emails, managing relationships and so on.  They are just left to get on with it.  This means that they will not be as good as they should be, which means their organisation will be losing repeat business.  So - these organisations are losing hundreds and thousands of pounds.  No question!

Here’s an example: I had a great conversation a fortnight ago with a delivery driver. Let’s call him Peter. We were just chatting generally about his job and from what he described I gather he has to knock on doors, introduce himself, look smart, make eye contact, fill in forms, unpack a smart, well driven van, answer customer enquiries, deal with complaints, turn up on time, hand over the right goods and so on.

He was telling me about a terrible experience he had in a shop. Apparently he had to wait for ages in a queue, got no apology, no smile, was given the wrong size, blah blah... Anyway – he said that the young lad in the shop needed customer care training and he wouldn’t be going back.

‘Ooh yes I agree’ I said - (diving in to one of my favourite subjects), ‘Have you had customer care training?’ He replied, ‘No - I don’t work in customer care. I’m a driver’

I mean where do you start with a comment like that? Perhaps he didn’t realise that if he parked badly, shuffled to the door, didn’t smile, wasn’t courteous and so on Mrs Miggins might cancel her weekly £35 order, switch to a different company and lose the company £18,200 over a ten year period.

So what are you going to do to improve your customer care to make sure your levels of repeat business and recommendations are as high as possible?

(Names have been changed to protect the reputations of those involved!)

Posted on July 4, 2012 and filed under Customer Care.